Beat Retreat will take place between 10:30am and 10:30pm on Saturday 7th August 2021


The festival map will be available here nearer the time of the event.


Set times will be announced closer to the event – stay tuned!



Book with confidence 

In the event of a full cancellation or rescheduled date due to the government issuing another Covid-19 enforced lockdown, ticket-holders will be entitled to transfer their ticket to a rescheduled date, or a full refund. 


All information regarding Ticketmaster’s COVID-19 policy can be found here. 

If you have tickets to attend an event and need information from the organizer or would like to request a refund, you can find guides on how to do so here:

How to contact the event organizer

How to request a refund for your ticket(s)

 As always, our support team is here to support you as well. Access our help center or contact support directly here



Everyone attending Beat Retreat will require a ticket. 

You may require ID to gain entry.


We  accept the following forms of ID:

Your current passport (no photocopies)

Your UK Driver’s Licence or Provisional Licence

Validate UK (must be a pass card with a hologram)

A CitizenCard

Oyster Photocard

NUS Card

A National Identity Card


Please note we cannot accept other forms of ID.  Photos or photocopies do not count as valid forms of ID


Challenge 21 Policy:

A challenge 21 policy will be in place for all alcohol and tobacco sales on site.

If you look under 21, we will need a valid ID from you or we cannot sell you a drink/tobacco.

Please note that this event has strictly no re-admission. Please ensure you have everything you need before entering.


Water Points – There will be water points located at every bar and toilet block where you can refill your refillable bottle.

Bins – there will be litter bins located throughout the site. Please recycle where possible. 


For accessibility facilities on-site, please click here. [INSERT ACCESSIBILITY POLICY]


Entry Ticket – Digital is best. 


Mobile Phone – make sure you are fully charged. Remember to always keep your phone and valuables safe.


We are cashless – please bring a debit/credit card. 


Valid ID

Clothing for all weather –

Make sure to check the latest weather before you leave for the event.

If you intend on partaking in yoga or other activities please bring activewear, or loose clothing. 


Sun protection cream – must be less than 100ml, no aerosols or glass bottles allowed.


Medication – if you need to bring prescribed medication with you, please email us in advance here to avoid delays or confiscation. Remember to tell your friends of any allergies you have.


Please ensure your bag is no larger than an A4 sheet (if in doubt, dimensions are: 14” x 14” x 18”).


Please note, bags larger than an A4 sheet are not permitted.

Entrance is subject to body and/or bag search. We reserve the right to confiscate items and or remove persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities onsite.


Do not bring any of the following items:

Food or drink – this includes any liquids or alcohol. Delicious food & drink options are available inside the festival.

Illegal weapons and drugs – these items are not permitted by law and will be confiscated and you will be removed from the festival.

Laughing gas – vendors or users are committing an offence under Section 52 of the Medicines Act 1968 of selling and/or supplying a pharmacy medicine not under the control of the pharmacist.

Pets – please don’t bring your furry friend. Assistance dogs, however, are permitted.

Glass – glass is not allowed at the festival for safety reasons. This includes glass perfume and make-up bottles.

Prohibited items will be confiscated and persons found in possession of illegal items will be removed from the festival.



All bags are subject to search on entry. To avoid lengthy queues we strongly advise that you do not bring a bag. Please allow plenty of time for potential queues, entry procedures, ticket checks and searches.

Bags larger than A4 in size are not permitted. Please ensure you remove your essential items and take them with you as you will not be allowed to access your bag and re-enter the event.

If in doubt, small bags with the dimensions 350mm x 350mm x 450mm (14” x 14” x 18”) are permitted, subject to search.



We advise that you always purchase tickets from our official ticket partner: 



Tickets bought from unauthorised ticket outlets are not valid and admission will not be granted to the event with any Ticket (nor shall any Ticket refund be given) if bought from unauthorised agents. To be as safe as you can and to avoid obtaining an unauthorised ticket, follow these simple guidelines.

Please see our list of official ticket outlets. If you are in doubt as to whether or not a ticket outlet is authorised please contact us in advance of the ticket purchase and we will be happy to assist. Do not buy from internet auction sites or exchange/buy tickets on social networking sites such as Facebook, Gumtree or Ebay.

If you live in the UK do not buy from a website with an overseas office address, or with no registered address shown.

Do not buy from another individual or tout, either in advance of, or outside the event.



Occasionally, due to genuine circumstances you may find yourself with a spare ticket. Please do not be tempted to sell it on an unauthorised auction site or to sell to a ticket tout or unauthorised online agency. If you do, the purchaser may not be able to enter the event (under the Terms and Conditions of festival entry). Should this happen you may find that the purchaser and/or event operator brings a legal claim against you for selling a ticket which does not permit access to the event.



Tickets are non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation, postponement or Material alteration of the Event (defined below) you may be entitled to a refund in accordance with the terms and conditions or refund policy of the authorised ticket outlet from whom you purchased a ticket and in accordance with the terms and conditions of entry to the event. 

Where the cancellation takes place part-way through the event, you may only be entitled to a refund of part of the face price which you paid for the Ticket. Personal arrangements including travel, subsistence and accommodation in relation to the event which have been arranged by you are made at your own risk and neither the authorised ticket outlet nor the Promoter will have any liability for any such loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure.

A “Material” alteration is a change which in our reasonable opinion makes the event materially different to the event which purchasers of the ticket could reasonably expect. Changes to performance times, supporting acts and the use of understudies in a theatre performance shall not be considered a Material alteration. A Material alteration is judged by reference to the nature and billing of the event. The Event is judged by reference to the overall theme rather than the individual act scheduled to appear. No scheduled acts may be considered as headline acts, regardless of their relative fame or prominence in the billing, and so cancellation by an artist will not entitle you to a refund, regardless of their position on the bill.



Online help desk: Click here.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

24 hour Hotline: Call Ticketmaster at 0333 321 9999




Kenwood House, 

Hampstead Lane, 


Greater London, 



Parking charges apply. Disabled bays available. Mobility service available on request.  Parking free for English Heritage members during visit. There is a transfer service upon request for those with difficulty walking from the car park to the House and Restaurant. Free car parking is available on Hampstead Lane. Please note parking is available only for vehicles that can fit within a marked bay. The size of the bay is 4,66m x 2,35m.



Postcode : NW3 7JR

Latitude : 51.570146

Longtitude : -0.16658



Gospel Oak (Overground), 37 min walk // 16 min cycle // 7 min taxi

Hampstead Heath (Overground), 32 min walk // 16 min cycle // 6 min taxi



Golders Green (Northern Line), bus 210 // 32 min walk // 13 min cycle // 6 min taxi  

Archway (Northern Line),  bus 210 // 34 min walk // 14 min cycle // 6 min taxi

Highgate (Northern Line), bus 210//  22 min walk, 7 min cycle, 4 min taxi



TfL 210 (also bus H3 passes within a short walk)



For any individual queries, email us at info@beat-retreat.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


For requests relating to the venue, information can be found here: